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Mature Tree Up Lighting - London - Artificial
Down Lighting Exterior Waterfall - London - Light art
Perth - State Theatre - Light World Tour 2011 - Perth - Effect
Perth, Australia October 08, 2011 13:34
Shadwell Station - London - Natural
London, United Kingdom
Tuscan sunrise - Candeli - Natural
Candeli, Italy
Escalator at the Stedelijk Museum - Amsterdam - Functional
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Meydan Vip Bridge & Royal Bridge - Dubai - Architectural
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phoenix - Her Secret is Patience - Light World Tour 2011 - Phoenix - Light art
Phoenix, United States September 26, 2011 03:59
Architects of Air - Nottingham - Light art
Nottingham, United Kingdom
Florentine Daylight - San Jacopo Al Girone - Natural
San Jacopo Al Girone, Italy
Landscape Path Lighting - London - Artificial
Blue - Shanghai - Architectural
Shanghai, China
Carlos_Cruz-Diez_TRIANGULATION_BLOG_03_detail_em.jpg - Paris - Effect
Paris, France
MICROLAMP - Heraklion - Light art
Heraklion, Greece
Bridge Landscape Lighting - London - Light art
OVO beijing - Beijing - Light art
Beijing, China
Lonely table - Mirissa - Effect
Mirissa, Sri Lanka
TROIKA_Arcades - Kortrijk - Effect
Kortrijk, Belgium
New York City, winter sunlight - New York - Natural
New York, United States
Landscape Garden Lighting  - London - Artificial
Opera house - East Bridgewater - Architectural
East Bridgewater, United States
Neon lips by Marti Raysse - Amsterdam - Light art
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Outdoor pond lighting - London - Artificial
If you look up... - Mirissa - Effect
Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Exterior Brickwork Lighting - London - Effect
Dolog Park - Surabaya - Light art
Surabaya, Indonesia
Woodland Garden Lighting - London - Light art
Lantern Stall - Istanbul - Artificial
Istanbul, Turkey
Jeeves pendant - London - Architectural
London, United Kingdom
Bruce Munro at Longwood Gardens - Pennsylvania - Light art
Pennsylvania, United States
Zandvoort Beach - Zandvoort - Natural
Zandvoort, Netherlands
Gazebo Landscape Lighting - London - Light art
Dan Flavin Institute - New York - Light art
New York, United States
Restaurant Bazar - Rotterdam - Light art
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Mason Jar Pendants/Chandalier - Haarlem - Artificial
Haarlem, Netherlands
Landscape Lighting Steps - London - Artificial
Alfresco dining exterior lighting - London - Artificial
London, United Kingdom
Snog frozen yogurt store Chelsea - London - Architectural
London, United Kingdom
Exterior Step Lighting - London - Functional
Wildfire - Syracuse - Natural
Syracuse, United States
Club dance floor - New York - Effect
New York, United States
Walk to the beach - Princeville - Natural
Princeville, United States
Pillar Lighting - London - Light art
Woodland Snow Landscape Lighting - London - Artificial
Woodland Snow Landscape Lighting - London - Artificial
iLight Marina Bay - Singapore - Light art
Singapore, Singapore June 07, 2012 00:00
Vortex - Fort Worth - Natural
Fort Worth, United States
Courtyard Hardscape Lighting - London - Effect
Chicago's Skyline Within a Bean - Chicago - Light art
Chicago, United States
De Adriaan Windmill - Haarlem - Architectural
Haarlem, Netherlands