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With No End  - Seattle - Light art
Maja Petric 2013-02-16 0
Maja Petric

With No End

With No End is a new media artwork that explores poetic properties of light in the modular installation that simulates shattering of a large infinite mirror. The piece is boxes made of opaque and semitransparent layers of mirrors that face each other and between which are layers of the shattered pieces of the mirror covered with holographic print and lights. Holographic prints serves as an optical component that splits and diffracts light into several beams travelling in different directions, and so enhances the effect of shattering of the mirror. It also produces entire spectrum of colors as the viewing angle changes, and as such provides possibility for viewers to interact with the piece.

Credits: Maja Petric
Address: , , Seattle, United States Tags: lightart, art, installation, light

Category: Light art

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